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Write around the World

In this lively history of writing, six goofy birds—a penguin, two toucans, an owl, and two chickens—team up to tour the world of writing: how it developed, where alphabets came from, and the origins of international languages such as Latin, Esperanto, and Morse Code, and much more. They begin their time-traveling journey in 4,000 B.C.E. with the Sumerians, who invented pictograms out of the necessity to keep trading records. One of the toucans flies on a kite tail to China to learn about characters, the penguin walks like an Egyptian in full headdress across the desert sands to uncover hieroglyphs, and then there’s a mad rush of characters who pass the idea of an alphabet around Europe and the Near East. Delightfully illustrated in full color, Write Around the World includes light-hearted and informative sections on the world’s alphabets, languages, handwriting, calligraphy, typefaces and punctuation, icons, and secret codes as well as a glossary of important words.

Written by: Vivian French
Illustrated by: Ross Collins

Published by: Zero to Ten
Year: 1999
ISBN: 978 1840891351
Age groups: 0-4
Categories: Other non-fiction
Languages: English
Themes: Animals, Education & Learning, History, Other people/places, Writing

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