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The Adventures of Alfie Onion coming May 2016

September 21, 2015

imageWe’re very excited to announce that The Adventures of Alfie Onion will be coming out in May 2016!

A stand-alone comic adventure for younger readers by sublime storyteller Vivian French, with pictures by a talented new illustrator and animator, Marta Kissi.

Alfie Onion has just set off on a great adventure . but only to carry his brother’s luggage. It’s his elder brother, Magnifico Onion, who’s destined to win their family a Happily Ever After. But when it turns out Magnifico isn’t half the hero he’s cracked up to be, it falls to Alfie to save the day - with a little help from his loyal dog, a talking horse, and a couple of meddling magpies.

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The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

April 15, 2015

Out June 4th 2015! The Most Wonderful Thing in the World, illustrated by the wonderful Angela Barratt.

It’s a very special book for me; Angela came to Walker books with a story from her childhood, and I recreated it. We worked together closely, and were lucky enough to have the quite amazingly talented Elizabeth Wood as designer.

Liz is a complete perfectionist, and the book is a tribute to her skill ... and every single picture demonstrates Angela’s exquisite artwork.

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Oliver’s Vegetables 20th Birthday

January 05, 2015

Oliver's VegetablesThis year Oliver is twenty!

Look out for Oliver’s Vegetables in your local bookstore for a commemorative 20th Birthday Edition.

Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won’t eat anything else - until he plays a game with his grandpa.

Whatever vegetable Oliver finds in the garden, he must eat. On Monday, he pulls up carrots, on Tuesday, it is spinach . . .

This is an excellent book for parents with slightly fussy children and it introduces the days of the week.

“This is a great book to link with maths as it rehearses the days of the week and the illustrations offer many opportunities for counting and working out how many vegetables.” - Nikki Sheene, year 1 teacher (Child Education)

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Oliver's Vegetables