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The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragons is the fourth Book in the “Tales from the Five Kingdoms” series to be published Oct 2010!

Marcus, Prince of Gorebreath, has a plan - he wants to take Gracie Gillypot on an adventure for her birthday, preferably to see a dragon or two. But then he discovers that there may be a dragon’s egg somewhere within the Five Kingdoms and, what’s more, it could be due to hatch at any minute! A newly-hatched dragon would be highly dangerous in the wrong hands and the race begins to find the egg before the zombies, werewolves, deep witches and sorcerers get to hear about it. The tiny dragon hatches under the watchful eye of its parents, and all three fly off into the sunset ... just as Gracie remembers that this is the day of her birthday.

Written by: Vivian French
Illustrated by: Ross Collins

Published by: Walker Books
ISBN: 978-0744583618
Year: 2007
Age groups: 9-12
Categories: Fiction
Languages: English
Themes: Folklore, Myths, Fairy Tales, Supernatural

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