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The Tiara Club

Tiara Club

Dear Princesses ...

Children often ask how I came to write the Tiara Club series, and the answer is that it developed from an idea I took to Orchard Books a long time ago. My idea was for a story about a princess who lived in a land where EVERYONE was a prince or a princess or a king or a queen, and she went to a school for princesses ... and this gradually developed into the Tiara Club. My first princess was called Princess Eczema, only I spelt it Xma ... I rather liked the name because I get eczema myself, especially if I eat too much wheat. The publishers thought it wasn’t a very attractive name, though, so we decided to use real names instead.

The Tiara Club is getting HUGE now, and I get letters from all over the world. I really REALLY like getting pictures, so if you like drawing do send some pictures in! And make sure you look at the Tiara Club website. It’s good fun, and there are lots of games and ideas and pictures to download - and YOU CAN JOIN THE CLUB!! www.tiaraclub.co.uk

Happy princessing!!

PS If any boys have found this page and are thinking YUCK! MUCH too pink and sparkly for me! go and have a look at the Draglins...

Tiara Club Tiara Club Tiara Club